Rules and FAQs

BDHive empowers its users to share almost anything to their likings and connect more deeply with their interests. The following simple rules made it possible to maintain a pleasant experience for all within the community.

1. Story Submission Guideline:

i) Respect other’s copyright and intellectual property. While posting links/stories from other websites, never copy-paste the entire story. You can only paste few lines from the story to give the readers an idea about the article and provoke their curiosity.

ii) Use appropriate title, description and most importantly select an appropriate category while submitting a story.

iii) We have zero tolerance policy about pornographic content and contents that promote drugs and violence.

iv) Using a false/deceiving story title to catch attention is prohibited.

2. General Rules:

i) Do not try to manipulate votes on any story.

ii) Do not spam in the comment.

iii) Do not conduct any kind of personal attack anywhere within the community.



How can I submit a story?
– After login, click/tap on the orange plus button located at the top-right corner of the website.

What story can I submit?
– You can submit any story (article, video, music, picture etc whether it is from other websites or your own) that you feel worth sharing with other community members.

Will my story be published?
– Your story will definitely be published if it is submitted to the right category and meets our story submission guideline.

Can I submit a story from facebook?
– Yes, you can. To submit a story from facebook the privacy of the story should be ‘public’ on facebook.

How long it takes to review and publish a story?
– Usually, a good story is published within 10 minutes of submission but it may take up to 2 hours depending on the content and the story traffic.

Will I get notified when my story is published?
– No, we don’t notify the author after publishing but the story will show up on your dashboard as soon as it is published on the site.

I found a story offensive. What to do?
– Click on the ‘report story’ from the story detail page and describe the reason briefly. We will review it carefully and if it violates our community standard we will take it down shortly.

How can I share a story from BDHive?
– It’s easy. There are share buttons under each story in story detail page.