About BDHive

BDHive is the first Bangladeshi social bookmarking, web content rating and discussion website. Registered users of BDHive can submit stories as direct links or write their own story for publishing on BDHive and can vote on the already published stories.

Placement of a story on the website is determined by the number of votes. Stories with most votes and views automatically appear on the front page of the website. Currently all submitted stories are sorted under 25 broad categories. Users of specific interest can browse through these categories and discover things that really excite them.

Our mission is building a unique website for Bangladeshi internet surfers where users can quickly and conveniently discover the fresh contents of specific interest and can actively contribute to the community by sharing and voting.

BDHive completely depends on the active participation of its users for publishing new stories and keeping this website safe, harassment free for everyone. We believe together we can build BDHive as an amazing place on the internet where people can discover, share and connect more deeply with their interests.